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Experienced Trademark Attorneys

Helping you protect the good name of your business

Whatever your business may be, reputation is everything. And when another business or organization uses your image to its own benefit, that can harm your reputation and your business. That is why it is so important for a business to protect its reputations through state and federal trademark laws. Winters & King, Inc. has helped many of our business clients protect their images and reputations throughout the trademark process.

Using trademark laws to protect your business

A trademark is a symbol, image, name or phrase that has become synonymous with your product or service. In many ways, these marks are the visible embodiment of a company or an organization’s reputation. As such, they can carry a great deal of value. That is why the law allows businesses to register trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to prevent unauthorized use nationwide.

But the registration process can be complex and marks must meet certain requirements in order to be registrable. A trademark attorney at Winters & King, Inc. can assist your business in creating a unique trademark that meets these requirements, advise you about how to establish its use in commerce and then guide you through the registration process. Our team of attorneys also helps you protect your trademarks from unauthorized use by contacting infringers and initiating litigation, if necessary.

Your business reputation is too important to allow others to profit from it. This is especially true for charities and other nonprofit organizations that depend on the quality of their reputations. Protect your trademarks with the help of an experienced Tulsa trademark attorney. Put the world on notice that your mark is yours alone — and warn would-be infringers that you are serious about protecting the reputation of your company or organization.

Protect your business by consulting an experienced trademark attorney

Preserving the integrity of trademarks is crucial to the reputation of any business. We have helped numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations protect their trademarks from unauthorized use. Our principles guide every area of our practice, and our clients appreciate and value our unique approach. Call us today at 918.494.6868 or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your legal issue. You can count on us for our values as well as our professionalism and competence.

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